The driver is on the right, not the left, therefore your photo from standing half in the road is misleading. The sign is on both sides of the road if you can’t see the nearside you should be able to see the offside sign, which is correctly positioned. You have to change lanes to get through the narrowing, going over a pedestrian crossing.

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Charlie gets to most events using pedal power, so what he brings along is restricted. He typically cheap jerseys relies on a sealed lead acid battery (SLAB) for power, and there was some interesting discussion on lighter LiPo batteries, with an appropriate warning that they do require careful handling. Safety was another important topic covered during the talk, with recommendations including the use of yellow guy wires, pegs and velco, plus careful and secure erection of antennas..

It’s like running a subsidized jewelry store in a public park and being amazed you had items stolen because you didn’t lock the door at night. We are not superior, we do not have a right to kill, exterminate any of gods creatures! I watched the near extermination of all the wolves and predators in America (many states they are extinct) and I watched them be reintroduced. MANIFEST DESTINY DOES NOT EXIST FOR HUMANS!!! Humans can be sick sadistic beings who have a blood lust and feel empowered to ruin anything like their is spares in the closet.

Saeid Boustanabadi Maralan, 53, is facing three additional charges of rape, penetration with a foreign object, and assault with the intent to commit oral copulation, according to Lt. Jason Kravetz of the Laguna Beach Police Department. He was previously arrested Sept.

Sort of right. But what happening is artificial intelligence isn so much surpassing us as it is providing us with a safety net for our own stupidity. Fostering the dumb. (RSI T)Top 1000 ranking: 274Revenue: $620 millionProfit: $30.3 millionThree year share price gain: 70%Rogers Sugar’s history might scare the heck out of you. The industry is fiercely protected; Canada maintains a duty of $31 a tonne on imports of refined sugar, which adds about 5% to the prices Canadian consumers pay. But Rogers Sugar CEO Ed Makin says that’s nothing compared to the $370 levied in the United States.