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Gangus Internet Services, LLC, is a small and upcoming internet services company operating out of Palo Alto, California. Starting off with several customers, Marinelli was able to provide support without purchasing a toll free number. Once his company decided to expand, and secured up to ten clients, he realized that in order for his support to be professional and up to generally accepted standards, he would have to begin using a toll free number for his customers to be able to reach them for technical help on a round-the-clock basis.

Toll-Free Ecommerce is Booming

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Because Gangus Internet Services is host to Ecommerce companies, those companies can not afford any down time. Their provider must be available at any hour to provide needed support to get that business back up and running again. Marinelli found to be the answer to his needs. He chose the company because “the site appealed to me. Simple, not too gimmicky, and straightforward, it presented all information up front,” without requiring the potential customer to call or send an email for “more information”.

Toll Free 800 Numbers for Support Lines

Marinelli uses two numbers from to provide his customers with the support they need. Marinelli counts on the ability to cycle the “ring to” numbers to the correct support staff member when needed. It works out great for him when a member of support personnel is on vacation, or even when they have to use a contractor outside of the company. All he has to do is contact, and in less than an hour, he can change the “ring to” number as many times as he needs to, as often as he needs to, for no extra charge.

1-800 numbers for Convenience

Other customers appreciate the convenience a toll free number provides to their companies. Jeremy Schutt, sales manager for Century 21 Metro Alliance for Arizona and California, agrees. “It streamlines the process and allows us to use one number on all of our publications. By using, it has really simplified the whole communications process.”

Zack Alper, owner of L’Ocean Candles, agrees: “If we’re at a trade show we could have it ring to my cell phone or a hotel room or anywhere in the world pretty much. Being a small business with low personnel it really is an incredibly helpful thing.”

When it’s crucial to give customers contact for support, a company should have a toll free number. Most companies are committed to excellence and maintaining a good reputation. Because offers reliability and flexibility at an affordable cost, they can help any company maintain that commitment.

Order a Toll Free Here: Toll Free Numbers

or for 800 phone numbers: 800 Numbers

Marcus Marinelli, Gangus Internet Services, LLC, Palo Alto, CA

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