Customer Service is undeniably the first reason a business owner will acquire a toll free number. For some businesses, a toll free number is essential to success.

A toll free number is the first step

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Brandi Scott rigorously researched the DVD rental kiosk industry for over a year before she decided to open her DVD Dynamos business in Houston, Texas. Once she chose the company with whom she would associate herself, she had to find the best location for her first DVD vending machine and make a deal with the owner. But before she placed her first kiosk, she took one crucial step to ensure the success of her business.

As part of her research, Scott talked to friends who used the machines. One friend was strongly against them because of technical difficulties during the transaction, resulting in multiple charges on her credit card, and there was no way to contact the owner to rectify the problem. Scott’s friend had decided never to use another DVD rental kiosk. Another successful kiosk owner gave Scott seven key tips to make her business successful, the first and most important of which was providing customers with a contact number should anything go wrong.

Tollfreenumber.ORG is my solution

Scott wasted no time in finding a toll free number. “When I fell upon, it was my solution. I have a choice to get an email, voicemail, or both, and I like that because I’m always on the run.”

Why not provide a land-line business number to the customer in this case? Scott explains, “In my opinion, (a toll free number) gives you that credibility that you’ve thought enough about your business plan to provide customer service. It’s a lot easier to give out my toll free number, and lets me use my cell phone number for personal purposes. And it allows me to not take out a business line.”

Toll-free credibility

A separate business line has its advantages, but in some cases, it just doesn’t make sense to ignore the greater advantages of providing a toll free number. Along with the professional image a toll free number lends to the business, the owner is given the flexibility of whether it rings to a landline, cell phone, voicemail, or fax, even sending an email notification. These services are available at a cost that is, in most cases, less expensive than a separate business line.

Blair Rhodes, owner of, concurs. “A toll free number creates a trust with the customer. Just by having the availability of the toll free number, it makes them more confident ordering online. In case there is an issue, they know they can quickly reach us by calling.”

Customers appreciate convenience and simplicity. Providing a toll free number in order to tend to the issues means customer satisfaction and, in the end, return business.

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Brandi Scott, DVD Dynamos, Houston, Texas

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